The Speciality of Benzaiten

More than a fruit

We bring the original taste of fruits using the golden ratio of Shiroan(white bean paste) and the covering Gyuhi(rice cake).
Our Fruit Daifuku uses top grade seasonal fruits selected daily from the finest markets throughout Japan.
The fruit is then covered with modestly sweetened Shiroan(white bean paste) to make the most of the natural fruit taste and hand-wrapped with elegant Gyuhi(rice cake) made with top-quality Habutae flour.

The fruit



Challenging the possibility of a fruit.

Benzaiten's Fruit Daifuku was designed of course to mention the perfection as a Japanese sweets, but also to tell the attraction of fruits. Making it better than freshly picked, peeled or cut, our aim of Fruit Daifuku is to challenge the limit and the potential of fruits.


Serving the best fruits at the best moment of the season.

In order to realize our ideal Fruit Daifuku, the main character is the fruit itself. Only the ones fresh in the season, with a good shape, and is moderately ripe. In order to have a stable supply of fruits, Every morning, we purchase the fruits directly from the market, without using any intermediate wholesalers as we are a licensed company. The fruits that we have identified with our own eyes and hands is the fruits used in Benzaiten.

Gyuhi, the rice cake



The contents stand out because it's not sweet.

High-grade Habutae Powder is 100% used and we don't use any preservatives in Benzaiten. It is finished with the simple aftertaste, using the original appearance of rice and suppressing sugar to the last minute to maintain softness inside your mouth. You can taste the sweetness and juice of the fruit directly as soon as you eat it with the sensitive Gyuhi(rice cake).

Shiroan, the white bean paste



The supporting role brought by the aesthetics of subtraction.

The main character in the world of Japanese sweets is “An(bean paste)” but that becomes a supporting role in the fruit Daifuku. While leaving the flavor of white beans but kept to a small extent, sugar is minimized. The Shiroan(white bean paste) without any color is the paste which Benzaiten aimed for. It's never noticeable, but the role is perfect. It’s finished with bean paste, which can be said to be a famous supporting role.

The cutting thread



The beauty of Benzaiten’s cross section.

A Mochi-cutting thread can be said as the key factor of Benzaiten. The identity is a thin and strong kite string. From among the many standards, we have selected the most suitable kite string that is easy to hold on anyone's finger and does not stick easily when cutting the surface. Although there can be difficulties at home when cutting with knives, this allows you to cut perfectly, easily. We are also proud of the cross section of the cut fruit, which shines like a jewel.

Origin of the name


As you may have noticed, it originated from "Benten-sama," a pillar of the Seven Gods of Fortune .They are often called Benzaiten, but we chose「才」instead of 「財」."In order to become a shop that lasts 50 or 100 years, we have to create a culture. What is needed to achieve this is not money, but emotion that remains in people's minds. To create a work that resonate with the customer’s mind such as in art or literature, that's what we believe and continue to walk with this name.

Origin of the Benzaiten

Fruit Daifuku